Here is some of the work I created for my Intro to Digital Studies and Digital Approaches to Fine Art class at UMW.

Vector Graphic

Decorative image
Created by Yenevi G. using Canva

I created the image using Canva, an online infographic creator. I choose a blended background and added the words “New York City” with an image of the Brooklyn Bridge and some yellow stars. This just represents my love for NYC.

My First Podcast


My first podcast is about my favorite three places to visit when I am in New York City. I talk about Central Park, Times Square, and the Edge. The software I used to edit and record it is called Soundtrap. I found it easy to use and enjoyed exploring its many options and tools.

Transcript of Audio Track

  • Hello everyone! Welcome to my first podcast, my name is Yenevi and today I will be talking about my favorite 3 places to visit when I go to New York City.
  • My first favorite place to visit when I am in New York City is Central Park. It has an amazing view and there is so much you can do there. There are horse and carriage rides, tour and bike rentals, you can have a picnic, or simply just walk around and explore.
  • My second favorite place to visit is Times Square. I love to simply just walk around the city, see the tall buildings and it’s a good place for pictures. I recommend going in the night, because the lights make everything so much more beautiful to look at.
  • My third favorite place to visit is the Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere where you can get a spectacular view of the city
  • I recommend visiting these three places if you are ever in New York City. Thank you for listening, this has been Yenevi.


Graphic showing digital privacy tips

I created this infographic explaining to others some important steps to take on protecting their digital privacy. The software I used to create the infographic was Canva and it was an easy process because it provided a template. All I needed to do was fill in my information and add graphic images. I used the suggested task called FemTechNet – Lock Down Your Digital Identity as my source.

Logo Design

Picture of a strawberry with the word "Dip" in the middle

I used a combination of colors, shapes, text, effects, and textures to create an original logo using Adobe Illustrator.

Album Cover

Decorative image

I created this album cover using Photoshop. This was my first time using Photoshop and it was fun learning about the various tools it offered.